Saturday, July 17, 2010

Savoury breakfast recipe - Aromatic Porridge

For the first week of my new routine I cut out sugar and yeast. I'm cutting out yeast for a couple of weeks as I've had yeast intolerance in the past, so its just to give my body a break. For the second week, which starts tomorrow I'm cutting down on fat intake more strictly too. I can still eat some fresh fruit but no berries. This left me with the question what can I eat for breakfast?

This morning I decided to cook porridge. I usually sprinkle it with a little brown sugar however that is definitely off my list so I decided to experiment and go for a more savoury flavour. For the last minute of cooking my oats in low fat milk I added in a quarter of a teaspoon of garam masala powder. Then I added a handful of bran and some slices of fresh pear.  This made a really hearty very savoury breakfast. The recipe isn't perfect yet. There was an element of the garam masala I used that was a little dry. However I'm happily on the right track. Here is a yeast, sugar and low fat breakfast that is absolutely scrumptious.

For the first time all week my weight is down, but only very slightly. Fingers crossed the loss continues.

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