Saturday, July 13, 2013

Deep, dark winter - the perfect time to start a plan

The tomatoes were delicious. They had a beautiful flavour that isn't usually there with shop bought varieties. Only two developed to maturity. Next spring I will aim for a more bountiful crop. The balcony garden is looking depleted now. Only a small succulent and a stunted rosemary plant have survived. A trip to the nursery is needed soon.

The improvement I made over the last two years with my health and fitness have slowly eroded away. A busy work schedule, family responsibilities and changing circumstances have taken up my time. My creative and  healthy living efforts have temporarily taken a back seat. Now in the deep, dark depths of winter its time to build a plan. This will help to get some more balance back into my life, so I can focus on the things that really matter.

I've recently developed some skills as a coach and a key part of the learning process was to be coached by fellow coaches during the program.  One of my goals is to increase my fitness so that I'm full of positive energy. This will help me to achieve my other goals.  Now I have my plan I can start developing some strategies and make some small but important changes that will carry me though this grey winter with a spring in my step towards the sun.

Now I'm heading out for a walk on this cold, rainy day. Tonight I'll be making a chocolate cake with my daughter to celebrate my birthday. Yes it will have cream.